Joseph Drouhin Chablis & Saint-Véran Wines

Our Director of Fine Wine, Luke Stephenson, is back this time reviewing Joseph Drouhin’s Chablis & Saint-Véran Wines! Both of these 100% Chardonnays come from Burgandy.

One comes from Northern Burgandy and the other from Southern Burgandy, and it makes all the difference. Which you’ll learn here.

Joseph Drouhin Chablis $22.99
Appearance: Light, pale yellow
Nose: Really clean, lemon zest, some lime, minerality
Taste: Similar to the nose, very clean with lemon zest, lime and minerality on the palate.
Pairs: White fish, lighter dishes, summertime salads

Joseph Drouhin Saint Veran $17.99
Appearance: darker, deeper yellow
Nose: Riper with more than just citrus fruits being detected. Some melon and lemon curd.
Taste: A light toast note with a fuller, richer body
Pairs: Lighter dishes, roast chicken, roast carrots, potatoes