We are looking for dependable, hard working individuals.  Below you will find a list of our locations that currently have positions available.  Please review and then fill out the application below with as much detail as possible.  Your application will be submitted directly to the manager of any location you select.  Those who do not fill out the entire application and who do not list at least one previous employer will not be considered for any position.

Here are a list of basic requirements for our applications:

  • Must be 21+
  • Must be able to lift and move heavy cases of wine, spirits and beer
  • We prefer to hire people with wine, spirits and beer knowledge, but a willingness to learn is a necessity
  • Most positions will require you to be available nights, weekends and holidays
  • Warehouse positions don’t generally require weekend availability
  • GED or a High School diploma and some very basic computer skills will be required from all employees

Stores that are currently hiring

  • #1 – Avon West (part time, closing position available)
  • #29 – Avon East (part time, closing position available)
  • #9 – IUPUI (multiple part time positions available)
  • #5 – 71st St. & Georgetown Rd. (multiple part time positions available, closing shifts)
  • #21 – 106th St. & Michigan Rd. (part time position available)
  • #23 – Pike Plaza Rd. (full time or multiple part time positions available)
  • #19 – Carmel – W. Main St. (multiple part time positions available)
  • #29 – Avon East (part time position available)
  • #15 – Fishers – 146th St. & Olio Rd. (one full time & multiple part time positions available)
  • #13 – S.R. 32 & River Rd. (part time position available)
  • #22 – East Washington St. (full time closing position available)
  • #11 – 465 & Rockville Rd. (multiple positions available)
  • #24 – N. Keystone Ave. & Millersville Rd. (multiple part time positions available)
  • #26 – Greenfield (multiple part time positions available)

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#1 - Avon. Dan Jones & US 36#2 - E. Southport Rd.#3 - 96th St. & Michigan Rd.#4 - 21st St. & Post Rd.#5 - 71st St. & Georgetown Rd.#6 - US 31 South & Shelby St.#7 - Raymond St. & State St.#8 - 711 E. Thompson Rd.#9 - IUPUI#10 - 62nd St. & Allisonville Rd.#11 - Rockville Rd. & 465#12 - 21st St. & Shadeland Ave.#13 - Noblesville. SR 32 & River Rd.#14 - 150 N. Delaware#15 - Fishers. 146th St. & Olio Rd.#16 - 86th St. & Township Line Rd.#17 - 5959 N. Michigan Rd.#18 - Sherman Ave. & Raymond St.#19 - Carmel. W. Main St. & Pennsylvania#20 - Fishers. Lantern Rd. & 116th St.#21 - W. 106th St. & Michigan Rd.#22 - 6049 E. Washington St.#23 - 5346 Pike Plaza Rd.#24 - 4043 North Keystone Avenue#25 - 5515 West Washington Street#26 - Greenfield#27 - Anderson#28 - Daleville#29 - US 36 E AvonWarehouseOffice

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